EPCS Enrollment Form

In order to enroll:

  • CLIENT SERVER clients must be be upgraded to ChartMaker® Medical Suite Version 6.1.9.

IMPORTANT NOTICE– EPCS enrollments for ChartMaker Cloud clients are now being accepted. Billing service clients are not being accepted at this time, but will be available shortly.  STI will notify you as soon as these enrollments will be accepted and processed.

To enroll a provider for Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS), please follow the following step-by-step instructions below:

Step 1: Submit STI Enrollment Form

Complete the following form and click “Submit” below:

Step 2: Download Identrust Guide

Download or print the Identrust Guide for specific instructions on purchasing your Identrust token.

Please note, any provider participating in EPCS (Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances) must perform the Identity Proofing process, as well as purchase a USB token and digital certificate. The USB token must be used for a provider to digitally sign and transmit a controlled substance electronically.

Step 3: Complete Prescriber Identity Proofing and Token Purchase

Continue by clicking the IdenTrust button below to complete Part 2 of your application and the Prescriber Identity Proofing and Token Purchase. Each EPCS prescriber must purchase a token in their name. 

STI Computer Services, Inc has partnered with IdenTrust, to provide the identity proofing and issuance of Digital Certificate tokens that are used to digitally sign and electronically send prescriptions for controlled substances. By providing the required information to IdenTrust, you will have the ability to seamlessly complete remote identity proofing that will be valid for two years. IdentrustButton

Step 4: Download Quick Reference Card

Download or print the Quick Reference Card for EPCS for step-by-step instruction on configuring each provider in ChartMaker Medical Suite

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