STI’s Referral Award Program Rules


Do you know a practice that's looking for a new Medical Billing Software or Electronic Health Record (EHR) system? Refer them to STI and get rewarded to up  to $1000! 

Most of the systems that we sell are from customer referrals. Most importantly, we know that most medical practices make decisions about a new computer system by checking with other practices that they know and trust.  If you know of a practice looking for a new billing or Electronic Health Record (EHR) system and you wish to recommend ChartMaker Medical Suite or any of STI's services - you can get rewarded up to $1000!

Refer a Practice, Get Rewarded! 

STI's Referral Program

Refer a practice to STI and receive up to $1000 per referral!

STI has a Referral Award Program! If you supply practice information for a potential client that later purchases an STI system you could receive a monetary award. Here is how the program works.

First Steps...REGISTER!

  1. The referral award is for reporting the client information and you must register to win. Sometimes we get more than one person giving us a referral so only the first person to report the new referral gets the reward. To register, you must either fax or email the lead generation form below to my attention. To make the referral process faster, you may also submit a lead by using our Referral Generator form available HERE. With all submissions, the date and time on the email, fax or Referral Generator form will determine the winner. Payments will not be made if you do not provide the information on the attached referral award form. NOTE: You do not have to be a STI Customer to participate.
  1. We will pay the referral award fee after the client signs an agreement for the STI system and we receive payment, so it could take some time to get paid. If the new potential client does not purchase a system from STI, there will be no referral fee to be paid.

New Medical Practices Looking for a Vendor

  • New potential clients often ask STI for the names of our clients in their area or their medical specialty. If we already know the potential clients name and give your name to them as a local user that does not qualify for a referral fee. Fees are only paid for new potential clients that are not currently speaking to us about a new system.

The More Your Refer, The More You Are Rewarded

  • The more referrals that you provide that purchase an STI System the more that you can earn. Here are the payment amounts.
    • First referral in a year                              $500
    • Second referral in a year                         $750
    • All additional referrals in a year      $1,000
  • For payment we need a 1099 Tax Form to be filled out with the name of the person to receive the referral fee. You need to check with your organization to determine who gets the fee (ex: Is it paid to the person making the referral or to the office and shared?) This is your responsibility and we will make the payment to the person whose name is on the 1099 form.

There is no limit to the number of award payments your office can receive!

STI's Referral Program

Join now to get the referral award

Remember! Your office must register first in order to qualify. If you’d like to register for a Referral Award from STI, please complete the attached form below. If you have any questions, feel free to call  800-487-9135 ext. 1188 or email


Download our form here: STI Referral Award Program or

Use our Refer a Practice form online





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