The ChartMaker® Scheduler is an optional component of the ChartMaker® Medical Suite. It can be used with other ChartMaker® modules.

The unique feature of the ChartMaker® Scheduler is its Scheduler logocombination of flexibility and rigidity. The system gives the physician or office manager tremendous flexibility in specifying not only when, but also how appointments are scheduled. Once this intelligence has been built into the system, even untrained operators can schedule appointments effectively and accurately.


- Ability to schedule appointments separately for all providers and practices, for years in advance
- Extensive use of graphics makes the Scheduler both easy to use and efficient
- Checks for pre-certification authorization
- Checks and plans for surgical follow-up days
- Tracks missed or canceled appointment
- Advanced check-in and patient tracking for the appointment across the ChartMaker® modules
- Electronic Eligibility Checking
- Automatic Appointment Reminder Option


- Compatible with all other ChartMaker® modules.

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