Patient Reminder Module

There is no longer a need to lose valuable staff time making Female doctor on the phone while using a monitor in her officeappointment reminder phone calls. Over 75% of calls go to voice mail or answering machines. A personalized reminder message is more effective than manual dialing without the loss of valuable time. Our Patient Reminder Module can help to decrease “no shows” and improve your bottom line. Our low, monthly fee includes everything you need to be assured that patient appointment reminders and recalls are being made.

*Price is based on call volume.*

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  • Use your practice’s name and number on the Caller ID, making patients more likely to answer.
  • The Reminder uses your own voice, making automation a more personable experience.
  • Emails and texts can be sent in addition to calls.
  • Messages can be customized based on Schedule Types, Provider Codes, and Appointment Reason Codes.
  • An email notification can be sent to your staff when a patient needs to reschedule.
  • Additional Benefits include: 

    • Messages can be delivered in any combination and at any number of days before the appointment.
    • You will only be charged for a successful reminder, not if the patient's phone is busy
    • The Patient Reminder Preferences dialog located in Practice Manager’s Patient tab and will allow you to capture your patient’s reminder contact preferences.
    • The Patient Reminder Module Interface dialog will make it easier and faster to send your patient’s appointment and contact information by simply clicking a button!


    However, the most exciting feature is the ability to import the confirmation results back into Practice Manager, which will be seen on your Appointment tab’s Daily View!

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