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New Tricare Enrollments

(Last Updated On: February 1, 2018)

Tricare East Enrollment
Tricare North and South are merging into Tricare East. Tricare East enrollment forms should have been completed by January 1, 2018 to avoid rejections when billing in the new year. Also, Tricare East will have a new payer id of 68299 (old payer id 57106).

To register, visit the WPSIC website and click Enroll for Electronic Transactions. You must do separate enrollments for CLAIMS (837), ERA (835) and, if you participate in EFT, you must complete the EFT enrollment. For assistance on completing the form and with any questions, please call Change Healthcare (1-800-296-3736 / option #3).

Tricare West Enrollment
Tricare West will need to complete a pre-enrollment paper form, using payer id SCWI0, for clients already enrollment with Tricare West. If you are enrolling with Tricare West for the first time, you must contact Change Healthcare Provider Complete Customer Service (800-296-3736 / option #3 for enrollments) to obtain the enrollment forms and assistance.

Providers must complete the enrollment forms before submitting claims in 2018. Claims will be rejected if forms are not completed before submitting.

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