Electronic Prior Authorization (ePA)

Electronic Prior Authorization (ePA) is the process of sending a request to prescribe a medication flagged as requiring approval to the Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) via the computer.  Prior Authorization is typically required on medications that may have dangerous side effects, may be harmful when combined with other medications, are often abused and/or have a less-expensive alternative.

Problems with Traditional Prior Authorization

The Traditional Prior Authorization process is complex and time-consuming. Many steps are taken between the time the initial prescription is written, to the processing at the pharmacy and finally when the patient receives their prescription.

Prior Authorization Problems

Benefits of Electronic Prior Authorization

Performing this process electronically means that an approval can typically come back prior to the patient leaving your office since time-consuming phone calls or faxes, which greatly slow down the process, have been eliminated.

Additional benefits include:

  • Truly automated electronic prior authorization
  • Work within  ChartMaker® Medical Suite
  • The right prior authorization questions every time
  • Get connected to the largest number of health plans

Price of ePA and How To Enroll

The ePA functionality is included with the Health Portal service - there are no additional fees!

Please use the form below to begin your enrollment:

Training Videos

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How Does ePA Work in ChartMaker Clinical?

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