ChartMaker PatientPortal FAQ for Practice Administrators

Accessing the Portal (i.e. passwords, troubleshooting)

Q. What website do I access for ChartMaker PatientPortal?

To access the portal, visit the following link:

Q. What browsers can I use for the PatientPortal?

Any browser (Chrome, Mozilla, etc.) will support our portal website. However, if you’re using a version of Internet Explorer below version 8, you may not be able to view your health information effectively. So we do recommend Internet Explorer 8 or higher.


Q. Who can I contact if I have trouble with my login? (i.e. forgotten password, resetting accounts, etc. )

Please contact ChartMaker Clinical Support for help resetting your password.

Q. Can a patient reset their username and/or password?

Patients have the ability to reset their password in one of two ways.  If they know their password, they can reset it by going to “My Account” after logging into the Portal.  If they do not know their password, they can click “Forgot Password?” from the login page.  They will be prompted to enter the answer to the Security Question they set up during registration.  If the patient does not know the answer to their Security Question then they will need to contact the Administrator at your practice.  Administrators can reset passwords from the Admin console (Patients page).  Currently usernames cannot be reset.  If the patient forgot their username, the Administrator can look it up through the Patients page on the Portal.

Q. How do I reset my patients’ password?

Log in to the administration portal and search for your patient. Then click on the Reset Password link. After, you will click yes.

Q. Will patients be prompted to change their password periodically?

No, the system does not remind patients to change their password.

Authorizing Patients

Q. Can multiple patients that are in the same family use the same email to be authorized?

Yes. You can use same email to authorize multiple patients. However, they will each need to be authorized individually. Each patient’s welcome message will contain their first name and that is how they will determine who the welcome message is for.

Q. Can I re-authorize my patient?

Yes, as long as the PatientPortal button is yellow, you can re-authorize them as many times as you want if you are authorizing by email. You can also re-authorize patients using the manual printed instructions feature but in this case, you will have to decide the safest way to get them access to their secure login instructions if they are not physically in your office .

Q. Can I re-authorize my patient if the PatientPortal button is green?

No. If they need to change their email address, the patient can do it directly from their portal.

Q. What if the PatientPortal button is yellow and the patient’s email has changed. Can I re-authorize them with the new email?

Yes you can change their email in Practice Manager. Click the Patient Portal button and re-authorize their email again. Don’t forget to hit the save button after authorizing or the authorization email will not go through to the patient.

Q.What if my patient’s portal button is green and their email changed. Can I change it in the portal for them?

No, you can certainly update the email in Practice Manager or Clinical but it is the patient’s responsibility to change their email under “My Account” of their PatientPortal account.

Q. What happens if the patient changes their email address? Do I have to re-register them?

No, re-registration is not necessary.  If the patient changes their email address through the “My Account” page on the PatientPortal, communication between your database and the PatientPortal will continue.  Your practice will not be notified via a To-Do List reminder when patients make this type of change so it is recommended that you inform your patients to directly contact your office with this type information.  Your staff will then manually update the patient’s email in either Practice Manager or Clinical.

Q. My patients have multiple portals with offices that use ChartMaker® PatientPortal. Can they use the same username to create multiple accounts?

No the username has to be unique. However, they can use the same email address to get authorized.

Using the Portal (i.e. fees, requirements, portal functions)

Q. Is there a fee to use the PatientPortal?

Yes.  Reference the section on “Registration Instructions” on page 5 for more information.

Q. Am I required to use the PatientPortal?

If your practice is attempting to meet Meaningful Use, usage of a PatientPortal is required for both Stage 1 and Stage 2 starting in 2014.  If your practice has no plans to attain Meaningful Use then it is up to your discretion as to whether you incorporate this functionality.

Q. How will the patient know how to navigate the PatientPortal?

Besides patient education by the staff at your practice, the patient will also receive a welcome email (on the PatientPortal) upon registration.  There is also a link at the bottom of the webpage titled, “How to use your patient portal” that will provide them with the same information included in the welcome email.

Q. How can I tell that something was done on the Admin portal?

To see which activity and changes have taken place, click on My account, and activity history log link on the left.

Q. What information is uploaded to the Portal for an individual patient?

Clinical Summary, lab results and demographic information will be uploaded to the PatientPortal.  For Clinical Summaries, this includes patient name, chart number, gender, date of birth, address, phone numbers, race, ethnicity, preferred language, allergies, immunizations, medications, problems (diagnoses), procedures, reason for referral, results, social status and vitals.  Chief complaint, cognitive status, functional status, instructions, and plan of care (which contains sections for: educational materials, future appointment dates, pending in house lab orders, and off-site orders) are also included but only if documented through a properly configured template tool (corresponding “button” or checklist).

Lab Results will contain description, value and unit of measure, however, starting in version 5.5, the entire lab report will be sent to the PatientPortal.

Demographic information includes patient name, gender, date of birth, race, ethnicity, preferred language, phone numbers and address.  Demographic information is only updated if one of the 3 document types (Clinical Summary, Lab Result, or Scan) is sent to the PatientPortal.  If no document is sent, then the PatientPortal will not receive any demographic updates, even if the information was modified in Practice Manager/Clinical.


Q. Can you suspend the data export for all patients at once?

No.  The data export suspension process is done per patient on the Patient tab in Practice Manager.

Q. Is there a way to disable certain message types?

No, however your practice can customize the descriptive text that appears below each message type so you could use this area to communicate important information regarding the types of messages that should be used.

Q. How do we prevent lab results from being uploaded?

In order to stop lab results from being uploaded to the PatientPortal, the data export must be suspended.  To do so, open the patient’s account in Practice Manager through the Patient tab.  Then click “Patient Portal” and check the box for “Suspend export on note signing” and then “OK”.  Alternatively, this can be done through Clinical by opening the patient’s chart and clicking the “Patient Portal” icon from the bottom of the Face Sheet.  This will also stop the automatic upload of Clinical Summary information as well.

Q. When should I use the “Send Note to PatientPortal” option which is available when I right-click on a chart note?

This functionality would be used in situations like wanting to send a note that was entered in the EMR prior to the patient completing registration, OR if their data export is suspended but you want to send individual notes and/or if you want to manually send an unsigned scan.  Most likely if it is not one of these situations, the note will be sent during the automatic export of data and so this option would not be necessary.

Q. Does the patient receive a notification if our practice uploads a new Document to the Portal?

No.  Documents uploaded to the PatientPortal (accessed through the “Documents” menu) are not patient-specific and can be seen by anyone accessing the Portal.  Because of this, uploaded documents should be generic in nature.

Q. How do I determine who receives the messages sent by a patient through the Portal?

Recipients are configured through Distribution Lists, which are accessed through the messaging dialog (To-Do > New Message/Task… > To).  Reference the section on “Configuring Message Distribution Lists” on page 1 for more information.

Q. Can I initiate a conversation with a patient through the portal?

Yes!  As of version 4.5, the practice has the ability to send a secure message to the patient via the PatientPortal.  To do so, open the patient’s chart in Clinical and go to To-Do > New Patient Portal Message. The patient will receive an email notification informing them that they have a new message waiting for them on the PatientPortal.

Q. Can we fulfill patient recalls (reminders) through the PatientPortal?

Not at this time however it is planned as a future enhancement.

Q. Does the ChartMaker® PatientPortal support multiple languages?

Currently, the PatientPortal does not offer multiple language support. However, your practice could include instructional information in a different language wherever the option to configure text is available.  A tool such as Google Translate could be used to identify the desired text which could then be copied and pasted onto your Portal.

Q. Can we change the font (color, bold, etc.) that appears on the Portal?

No, this type of functionality is not currently available.

Q. Can we link our practice’s website to the PatientPortal and vice versa?

Yes!  To include a link to your website on the PatientPortal you will need basic HTML code.  If you are unfamiliar with HMTL, someone from Clinical Software Support can assist you.  Your website administrator can inform you as to how to include a link to the PatientPortal on your website.

Q. How often are programmatic changes made to the PatientPortal?

Enhancements to the PatientPortal are made on a regular basis, typically about 3 times per year, but the release schedule may vary depending on necessity.

Check the types of e-mail notifications you want sent to this address: