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ChartMaker® 2016 Software Release 6.2.5

Here are some of the main highlights in ChartMaker® Medical Suite 2016 (file version 6.2.5). To read a full list of enhancements, view the Release Notes.

Where can I find it?

Clinical: Tools > Code Mapper

What do I need to know?

The Code Mapping dialog has been updated with a new Unit of Measure Mapping tab that allows you to map legacy unit of measure codes to the new unit of measure codes based on the Unified Code of Units of Measure version 1.9.

The Legacy UoM Search section of the dialog will display the legacy codes and descriptions, while the New UoM Search section will display the new codes and descriptions based on version 1.9 of the Unified Code of Units of Measure standard. In the Show only field, for each section, you can display all codes or only unlinked codes. Likewise, you can enter values in the Search field to locate specific codes.

After the applicable codes have been located and highlighted in each section, click the Link To button to link the two codes. Or, click the Unlink button to unlink the two codes. When legacy codes are linked to new version 1.9 codes, those new codes will be displayed when printing and will be included in exported files (Clinical Summary, Transition of Care, and Referral Notes), as applicable.

In addition, you can click the Unit of Measure Builder button to access the Unit of Measure Builder dialog that allows you to create and duplicate codes to link to legacy codes in Unit of Measure Mapping tab of the Code Mapping dialog.

In the Unit of Measure Builder dialog, you can search for a specific code, and then once located you can double-click that code, attach a symbol or symbols to that code (which will appear after the code) by using the corresponding field, modify the Name and Code by using the Backspace button, and once finished click the Create and Close, or Create button. You can also select a string of values and codes to be used as single record, if desired. Likewise, you can delete any user-created unit of measure that has not been linked to a legacy code, by highlighting the applicable unit of measure, and then clicking the Delete button.

How do I use it?

Upon upgrade, the new Unit of Measure Mapping tab in the Code Mapping dialog will be available. You can link legacy codes with the new codes, based on the version 1.9 of the Unified Code of Units of Measure standard, as outlined above.

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